An Irresistible Double Headliner gig !

Andy Cutting
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Cheshire Folk promoters not content with launching the Folk Set In Sandstone concert series at Bickerton Village Hall have quickly followed with folk icons Fairport Convention on May 20th at Middlewich Royal British Legion, and now move on to present an irresistible double headliner gig of two of Britains finest folk musicians on May 21st at Civic Hall Middlewich.

Dick Gaughan is a Scottish musician and singer whose feet are planted in the soil and grit of the working man and traditional music; who includes Karl Marx, Groucho Marx, John Lennon, and Vladimir Illych Lenin amongst his influences; and whose deep voice resonates like the echo in a miners pit. Just the man to voice the feelings of a conned recession hit society and raise some fiery passions.

BBC Folk Awards Musician of the Year 2011, Andy Cutting is a rarity. A musicians musician: a soulful and technically outstanding melodeon practitioner.

Andy is a top drawer player who speaks with his hands. I had no idea how lucky I was to work with him until long after we had gone our separate ways. Chris Wood

Young Cheshire songwriter Greg Russell provides support !

Costs: £17.50 plus £1 on line booking fee from or tel 01606 834969 or 077 900 82523
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updated: 11 years ago