New artists

New artists
Phew really busy with new artists !

Recently added Tony Cox surely the best acoustic guitarist to come out of South Africa and Zimbabwe .He is now UK based for a while so do book him or go and see him while you have the opportunity! Tonys' compositions have something different to offer with their African influenced rhythms which convey the sunny climate and environment vividly.

Dom DufF plays guitar and sings in his native Breton language and really brings it into contemporary perspective with his energy. He raises the atmosphere and entertains all who hear him. He has made many TV appearances in France, and look out for him in Wales in November.

Gus Glynn originally from Galway is getting lots of radio play. Gus has what I call the soft Irish vocals, but his music with percussion accompaniment from Ian (Top Hat) really swings along at a lively tempo. Very enjoyable and catchy.

Fil Campbells presents Songbirds -These are the songs that come to every Irish music lovers lips at the pluck of a harp or the sight of a pint of Guinness.
Songbirds is the show that second and third generation Irish and their contemporaries will love, take their parents to, indulge their family memories, and reminisce about good old Ireland and the popular ballads of their youth.
But there is much more....the show is about powerful and intelligent women who packed out halls, and helped the Resistance in war torn Europe.
Focusing on the old Irish folk songs that Fil and generations of Irish singers learned as children, Songbirds was developed into a 6 part TV documentary series for RTE Television in Ireland, documenting the lives and music of Delia Murphy and 4 other very influential female singers –
Mary O'Hara, Bridie Gallagher, Ruby Murray and Margaret Barry - who all sang similar material in different styles.
Songbirds is ready to tour UK...are you ready ?
Lizzie Nunnery up and coming songwriter, guitarist, and playwright from Liverpool has an unusual vibrato voice, that carries well. Perhaps a trick learned while playing in noisy pubs before she realised she should be playing the folk and acoustic scene with her style of music. Often accompanied with beautiful guitar by Vidar, Lizzie is really worth hearing.

JP Slidewell plays traditional folk songs with guitar.
JPs' love of traditional music is reflected in his honest delivery and refreshingly original arrangements of beautifully poised searing traditional ballads, mixed with traditional songs incorporating chorus's and stories steeped in folk music.

Phil Hare has been performing some cutting-edge lyrics for some years, not afraid to reach right to the core of our feelings. He also throws in some uptempo blues, comedy or Irish music and is a good all round entertainer for any event with his deep warm and memorable vocals, accompanied with fine guitar playing.

Tim O'Connor is running songwriting and guitar workshops in his new home in the French Alpes, but still tours UK as a songwriter.
He has toured the world, supported Richard Thompson and Martin Stephenson and played played with many wonderfull musicians from all backgrounds including, Mark Greer, Michael McGoldrick, Martin Stephenson, Arty McGlynn, BJ Cole, John Joe Kelly and many more.
He collaborates with many musicians including Dezi Donnelly (Toss The Feathers), Eckardt Engelmann (jazz rock), and Mary Burke has recorded one of his songs on her latest album.
In fact he does so much I can't keep up with him. He plays guitar and uke and I like his hats.....

Vin (Virginia) Barrett is a local girl to me and came from a drama and noisy rock band background and transformed to an uncluttered spacious and sensual singer songwriter. Her new CD launched at Tilston folk club recently and she dropped into Dabbers Session in Nantwich in October. Her songs go round and round your subconscious and stay in your head. Vin is ready to take her music to a wide arena and you are going to hear a lot more of her in the future.

Gaius and the Fish are also local to me and have a versatile performance ranging from James Taylor type standards to comedy, country, bluegrass and many things in between. A really good band for your parties, fringe, and much more.
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