What the people - audiences are saying about Branco Stoysin Trio

"The album launch gig at Pizza Express Jazz Club was really great. I enjoyed it very much. Your new album has been my constant musical companion and I am enjoying the whole picture which it paints. Keep on producing these gems that transport me to places of beauty which bring peace and delight into my day." Anja P.

"So many times we have sat listening to your beautiful music, its sounds stimulating, relaxing and helping us to talk about the important things in life. We want you to know how very much part of our lives that has become. Every time we go away, you travel with us. When we are at home and the Sun isn't shining, we have only to listen to your music and our hearts are uplifted and our souls can imagine themselves in a more warm and comfortable place. You deserve much morePeople just don't know what they are missing!" Debi & Bob M.

"Firstly, I like you as person, your playing is completely original, coming from your heart, spirit and good feelings...also I really enjoy the way you play it, with passion, great knowledge of music and your intention of giving your fans nice emotions. Branco, for me you are great, don't forget it!" Andrea P.

"Watching Branco perform live is an absolute joy. He does things with the guitar that mere mortals can only dream of." David M.

"Sweet and moving melodies, captivating from start to finish, leaves you wanting more" Howard W.

"Quiet Stream Breaks the Rocks album is very pleasurable and therapeutic. We enjoyed listening to you live at your album launch very much. You played so fluidly and melodically. Busters multifarious and subtle percussion complements your own playing beautifully. Leslee takes bass playing into new territory with his uninhibited exploration of his amazing six-string guitar. The Pizza Express Jazz club is a great venue because of the intimacy between the audience and performers, a closeness which you enhance with your own relaxed interaction with the listeners. I got the impression that you all enjoyed playing for us. All the thanks are due to you for giving us an evening of original beautiful music." Neil & Joan C.

"We always enjoy with you, always!" Sladjana & David G.

"Thank you for an evening of truly beautiful music. The atmosphere was excellent and the audience really enjoyed." Slobodan B.

"Congratulations on your album launch Branco - what a great gig! We all had such a good time. Your music was brilliant as ever and you played to a full house." Marie K.

"Many thanks for another excellent gig of a beautiful music. Particularly we enjoyed Sun lit sounds from (Yugo) Slav heart. Your music is at the same time unique and universal, thus loved and enjoyed by everyone"  Goran & Julia C.

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updated: 14 years ago