Dominic Collins at The Princes Feathers Winsford

Here's a review from the Landlady at The Princes Feathers:

'I booked Dominic to play one Sunday night and decided to put him on in the bar where the men would appreciate his humour. Usually entertainment is in the lounge.

Unfortunately the darts team had arranged a tournament without telling me so Dominic already faced two challenges. The TV was still on but Dominic gamely set up beneath it and in front of the darts and pool table.

His opening song was Stuck in the Middle With You which was very apt.

He followed it quickly with Our Ancoats Maisonette , a tale of re-housing in Manchesterno more donkey-stone or toilet in the coal house. This was something everyone in Winsford could relate to as Winsford had huge re-housing of Liverpool and Manchester families.

The TV was off now, there was a pool game and a darts match going on quietly behind him.

Blackpool Holiday was full of kids nostalgia, the trip on the charabanc, Dad doing magic tricks to entertain the kids, and counting the number of electricity pylons en route. The donkeys, the bucket and spade and pacamac, and lost kids caravan were all familiar as we had gone to Rhyl and Blackpool.

The darts players continued their game with grim determination, oblivious of what was going on.
The game of pool was over.

My Dad had said  This means nothing to me coming from Liverpool. But by the time Dominic had sung The Coffin Dodgers Song ( thats my favourite someone shouted ) and compared Being A City Fan to being an Everton supporter, I glanced over to the pensioners corner and huge old railway clock, to where he sat on the red wall seats, to see him holding his sides with laughter, his face lit up and his eyes sparkling.

Even the darts players were laughing. The pub hummed with good humour and warmth.

You Cant Smoke That In Here  saw a few smokers go out before Dominic even never fails he smiled. .There were some wry observations on the plight of the exciled smokers on the street.

A woman suddenly leapt in front of the mike and gave several verses of a song.she disappeared as quickly as she had appeared
Who was That? puzzled Dominic , but not thrown he continued and then closed with The Bride Was 8 Months Pregnant - the tale of a typical family wedding with buffet, DJ , and end of the night fight.
Who hasnt heard of a wedding or funeral just like that ?

My Dad went up to him as he was packing up and said,
"I am a Scouser and although I didnt know Ancoats I related to the time you were singing about and you didnt use one bit of foul language. For me that was the true sign of a comedian"

I payed him double his asking fee and invited him back. Soon.'

Dominic will be at Ingleton Folk Festival to attempt to retain his title of Comedy Singer Songwriter of the year.
on Sat 6th October
He is playing a full set 2 x 45 min 6.00pm-7-30pm at the Inglesport Cafe
"Food 'n' Fun with Dom Collins winner 2006 Comic Song Comp."
Tickets 6.50 inc. Pie & Peas Supper Tel. 07917 198625 for details

or on Sunday  7th October there is The Comedy singer songwriter of the year competition.
at The Old Hill Inn in Ingleton at 1-00pm

Dominic Collins at The Princes Feathers Winsford
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updated: 14 years ago