Who Remembers Dabbers Folk Club Upstairs at the Railway Hotel ?

Who Remembers Dabbers Folk Club Upstairs at the Railway Hotel

The first time I saw Dick Gaughan was with Debbie McClatchy and some others and the room was over packed, if you got up for the loo or to straighten your legs your seat was snatched ! I was at the back and his voice rang out right round the room.
I first saw Andy Cutting with Chris Wood in the same room in the good old days of Dabbers Folk Club Sunday night concerts upstairs at the Railway.

There was a darts board on the wall behind them so they had to be good or run the risk of a flight or two going their way. We had all the best acts in Nantwich until they made it into two bedrooms.

Other acts included Barry Dransfield, Chew The Roots, Bernard Wrigley, Ben and Joe Broughton, Marie Little, Tom McConville who brought one of the Lakeman brothers with him, Kate Rusby and Catherine Roberts, Stanley Accrington with his weather forecast song,

People who went there ?

There was someone who always brought her knitting.
Little Bryn, Doc Halliday, Ade White, Ade and Sheila Crosbie, Two Micks, one of whom wore a cowboy hat, Gwen who was folk dancing right into her eighties after a triple by pass operation, Mark and Rose Betteley (Mark sang From Galway To Gracelands every anniversary of Elvis' death and Scarlet Ribbons at Christmas), Ann (Chief Organiser and supporter) and Ed Kerin, Sue Oliver, Malcolm and Georgina Denny before the lately lamented Malcolm had even thought of playing a hurdy gurdy, and John Stoker who did Ralph McTell better than Ralph himself...the lady from Garlands flower shop, and Steve Green who came with Leona and her dogs. Oh and an Australian or two on a years exchange visit, Bernard Potter, Brian Caine and I really should look up the old members list.
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