Gus Glynn and Friends

Gus Glynn and Friends

"Slow burnin' word of mouth kind o' guy"

Originally from Galway, now in the North West of England, songwriter Gus Glynn has what I call 'the soft Irish vocals' yet his music swings along at a speedy tempo, very catchy, very enjoyable, often emotional, absorbing and great entertainment.

From stomping rhythms to sad sweet ballads and atmospheric experimental interludes with deep roots in folk, country, blues, classical and world music, this fine blend of acoustic ingenuity comes alive.

A vast collection of finely crafted original songs intricately woven in strings and percussion with guitar, fiddle, mandolin, slide, triangle, an early kick drum played somewhat like a bodhran, tubular bell to name but a few, and heartfelt vocals with resonant lyrics make live performances something of an emotional rollercoaster getting ever closer to the timeless acoustic bliss that's obviously aimed for here.

A collection of songs called Looking for the light...In the strangest place is now available as some small example of what Gus Glynn and Friends have to offer.
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Friends are percussionist Iain 'Top Hat' Taylor. Fiddler Terrence Carey and Jozeph Roberts on resonator and mandolin.

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