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 AmandaLynne Music

Nantwich Music Agent and Promoter taking backing tracks and tributes out of the equation ....

Hi Folks,

My name is Lynne Barnes and I am the Lynne in AmandaLynne Music, an agency for folk and acoustic musicians.
I am also the Amanda, as that is my middle name!

AmandaLynne Music is a one woman business, so when you contact AmandaLynne Music you will deal directly with me. I am based right on the middle of the North West, Midlands and North Wales border, yet can provide musicians for anywhere in the UK.

I represent a number of acoustic, folk, and world jazz musicians available for clubs, festivals, corporate entertainment, private parties and workshops.
Above all the musicians appreciate a listening audience who are rewarded with original lyrics, and real instruments.

Early in 2007 I received a call from Frank McGuire of Lyra Celtica seeking a gig at Dabbers Folk Club, Nantwich. He mentioned in passing that they were seeking an agent.

I was secretary to the folk club and vastly experienced in festival organization, tourism and event promotion although I had stepped back in recent years because of family demands. I still had many contacts and knowledge within the ever-developing folk music arena. Now I was at a turning point and ready to move out of my comfort zone.

I replaced the phone and found myself thinking "I could do that ! I could be their agent ".

A week later I was talking again with Frank; within a couple of days Brian Willoughby had asked me to do the same for him and Cathryn Craig.

That very week I enrolled on a "Getting Ready To Trade" programme. I had chosen to run AmandaLynne Music Agency as a full time business.

There was no doubt of the need for another folk music agency to help both established and new artists within the folk, acoustic and world genres. I am delighted at the ongoing response from musicians who have put their confidence in my skills and enthusiasm, and are relieved to have someone handle this side of their affairs.

Five months later I had 12 acts from USA, Canada, Brittany and UK with more joining this rolling snowball on a regular basis with every style from Celtic to comedy.

I provide press, publicity and contracts for a variety of professional musicians all of whom perform original work.

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PS: Dabbers Folk Club meets on the first Thursday of the month at 8.30pm at The Riflemans, James Hall Street, Nantwich.
See you there  and please add them on  MySpace

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