Wendy Arrowsmith


Wendy Arrowsmith

Wendy is a Scottish 'refugee' living in God's Own Country - in other words North Yorkshire!

"Saltburn Folk Festival Songwriter competition won by a young lady - Wendy Arrowsmith - tremendous song and what a voice and performance .I think we're destined to hear more of her voice and guitar - brilliant singer - a gem."
Pete Betts, M.C. At Saltburn Folk Festival following Wendy's main stage performance of 'The Visitor'.

Wendy has spent the last year performing in the North Yorkshire (& beyond) folk clubs, pubs and festivals both as a booked act and  in more informal sessions. She has a growing reputation as a singer, songwriter & performer.
'The songs I love to sing come from a wide range of sources - some written by me, some are traditional Scottish and Irish ones which I've known since very young and others are American. '.

She says:' My own songs are influenced by the history & people of my 'homes' (North Yorkshire & The West of Scotland), world events and family life'

'Finding time to write songs and play them is a constant challenge with two young children (Kirsty and Peter), a mad labrador, several cats and lots of fish!'

Music has always been part of her life - She first remembers singing in public at a Sunday School Christmas Party aged about 3½. Since then she dabbled in various kinds of music ranging from operetta to Bluegrass, via choral and prog rock.

'The folk tradition is where my heart lies.'

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