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2013-14  TOUR DATES

April 18th The Topic folk club
May 1st The Willows folk club - fund raiser for the Breast Unit at Worthing Hospital
June 11th The Foggy Furze, Hartlepool,
June 12th Bedworth Folk Club
July 10th Ramsbottom Folk Club
July 13th Keighley / Howarth with Martyn Johnson
June 6th 2014 Seaford Folk Club

Interviews and appearances booking now ! To book Miriam contact Lynne on 077 900 82523


'An absolute delight " she will captivate you " a voice not to be missed " a true minstrel 'Woodies Folk Club, Sussex, UK, September 2006.

Miriam is one of the worlds' best Folk Singers.'The real thing' to quote Nibs van der Spuy. She has a crystal clear, expressive voice, and plays the guitar with great sensitivity, arranging each song according to its theme. Her vibrant, warm personality makes any concert a joy to be part of.

'We've missed our First Lady of Folk'
Cambridge Folk Festival.Miriam Erasmus - Traditional folk from the legendary pitch-perfect angel, Mim in our 'sold out' Folk evening last Monday- entertaining & stunning.
Dave Marks from Hidden Years ArchivesThe Dockyard Theatre February 2007

'Together with a professional approach to audiences, Miriam's haunting voice and tasteful instrumental work never fail to impress'. John Leonard. Smooth Operations. Producer of Radio 2 Mike Harding Show

"If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams." Yann Martel

A lady of exceptional talent, Her voice is immaculate, impeccable and scintillating.. What a joy to hear every word she sings with perfect diction. 'Mim has a delightful personality that immediately envelopes her audiences, her enchanting voice and easy-going banter captivates every audience whatever age... from toddlers to serene-agers.
We have often used her various talents for product launches... fashion shows... celebration entertainment and social events.One of the few entertainers that make one's heart smile.
Sandy Day Promotions sandyday@telkomsa.net

A Quick Flashback to the 12th and 19th February 2007 - great words and music evenings"Folk music to be sure... Miriam Erasmus speaks for herself marking times in perfect pitch from 300 years ago to just a few sweet short melodic memories entertaining & stunning .... The amazing Mim Erasmus.Dave Marks of 3rd Ear Music

Mim's roots go back to the UK Folk Scene of the '70s when she was likened to Joan Baez, and ranked alongside Maddy Prior and other revivalists of the time.

Then, she played a significant role in the folk revival, appearing at most of the Folk Clubs and Festivals of the time, including Edinburgh and Cambridge, with acclaim from all the leading critics of the day. Miriam's interpretation of traditional and modern folk songs are unique, and her ability to lead a Folk audience into chorus singing, particularly, 'Keys of Canterbury' at Cambridge Folk Festival 1976, is the stuff of legends.

Over the years in South Africa, she has entertained for many concerts and festivals, including Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth and Splashy Fen  'Over Africa' features on the 10 years CD - and established herself as a shining light in the entertainment business.

She is unique in South Africa, her songs, like 'The beautiful pass at Van Reenen' and 'Over Africa' have become part of their music heritage.
Her 'protest' songs about the border war 'I don't want my child to die' ( Richard Haslop featured this on his 'Roots to Fruits' radio show ) and 'Mother's lament' have been recognised as some of the best, ranking alongside those from other troubled lands like Ireland, USA etc.

These songs, and the music of South Africa, are becoming world renowned now, and Mim is part of this surge. We need to support our artists so that they can show that South Africa has the best unique stories to tell through the art of the Minstrel.

Many of her performances are in the Hidden Years Archive.

She originally retired from the UK Folk Scene in 1977, to have a family, and now they have flown the nest, the family is encouraging her to get back 'out there'.

'Gypsy without a road' [incidentally, now worth over 200 pounds on the original vinyl !!] with a couple of bonus 'live' tracks has been re-released on Saffron Summerfield's  'Mother Earth' label.   saffron@motherearthmusic.co.uk

Now re-established as Miriam Backhouse, Professional Folk Singer, in the UK. Folk Club, Arts Centre and Festival appearances there have been a great success and Miriam's UK 2007 tour was a sell out, and 2011 and 2012 bookings are coming in already.

Since marrying John Erasmus, relocating to South Africa, in 1977, and raising a family, she has diversified into the full range of music, playing 'Anna' in 'The King and I' under the direction of EOH's Steven Stead, amongst countless other musicals, concerts, Radio and T.V. appearances.

For many years, Miriam worked with the late, great Eve Boswell, training young voices and devising concerts for both these students and fellow professionals, notably Durban's first, memorable ' Night of a Hundred Stars '.

With Fiona Tozer, Miriam re-founded the Durban Folk Club in the '80s, and it's still putting on concerts.

Miriam's husband John Erasmus, is an accomplished keyboard and piano player and together 'Mim and John' have toured KZN for the last 20 years, performing
» Rock and Roll 'retro' music and standard ballads.
» Children's puppet shows".Suzy, Granny and Christopher Crocodile are household legends, and 'Splashy' favourites.
» Educational Entertainment in schools.
» Cabaret.
» Fashion shows.
» Music Festivals.
» Charity concerts

Miriam has written hundreds of children's songs, and composed music for 'Movement and Music' in the classroom.

She has researched the power of sound in our lives and written 'The Rainbow Suite' Music for the balancing of the body's 'vibes', together with an accompanying book on the power of colour and sound from the Energy centers.

Albums of Folk Songs.GYPSY WITHOUT A ROAD Mother Earth Music 1977, vinyl and 2006, cd.

FAR AWAY TOM [Dave Goulder ] Robbins Music
THE WIDOW [ Backhouse/Clarke] Mother Earth Music
THE FARMERS HAVE GONE EAST [Will Williams] Mother Earth Music
LONG LANKIN [Tradtitonal arranged Backhouse ] Mother Earth Music
NASTY SPIDER [Jeremy Taylor] Essex Music
THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON [Rosie Hardman ] Copyright Control
JOHN RILEY [Traditonal arranged Backhouse] Mother Earth Music
KEYS OF CANTERBURY [ Traditional arranged Backhouse] Mother Earth Music
GYPSY WITHOUT A ROAD [Rosie Hardman ] Copyright Control

New tracks on the 2006 re-release, recorded live at the Robin Hood Folk Club opening 1977.
I'LL LAY YE DOON, LOVE Trad. arr. Backhouse
VEERA VATA Trad. arr. Backhouse

AFRICAN ROSE Matriarch Music

  1. We shall overcome Pete Seeger 1960
  2. Where have all the flowers gone ? Pete Seeger 1961
  3. Blowin' in the wind Bob Dylan 1862
  4. There but for fortune Phil Ochs 1963
  5. Last thing on my mind Tom Paxton 1964
  6. So Long Alex Campbell 1965
  7. 50th St. Bridge song Paul Simon 1966
  8. Both sides now Joni Mitchell 1967
  9. Streets of London Ralph McTell 1968
  10. Me and Bobby McGee Kris Kristofferson 1969
  11. Busk, busk, bonnie lassie Trad.
  12. Skye boat song Trad
  13. High Germany
  14. Hard times of old England
  15. Sodier boy blues Mike Raftery
  16. Don't let it happen to my child and Mother's lament Miriam Erasmus
  17. Old man's lament Ewan McColl
All arrangements Miriam Erasmus

To Book Miriam contactLynne Barnes
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