Dominic Collins


Dominic Collins

Dominic Collins, What can I say ? Jim Royle meets George Formby in Coronation Street.... Dominic has the singalong factor, and dry Northern wit.

Manchester based singer songwriter Dominic Collins is a man who combines a sharp wit with a charming live performance, bringing a sense of joy to many.

Dominic says:
"The nicest compliment of the night at The Princes Feathers in Winsford was from the landlady's Grandfather who was sitting at the bar, he came over as I was packing up and said, "I am a Scouser and although I didn't know Ancoats I related to the time you were singing about and you didn't use one bit of foul language. For me that was the true sign of a comedian", what a brilliant compliment !!!

People say "We have heard nothing like that since Mike Harding" and that's "Nice" innit.

My 1st CD was called Canadian Geese over Ancoats Skies,
My 2nd Cd was called "I got a CD"
My new and 3rd CD is now ready, it is called
"I'm an Acoustic Mercenary"
And there is a live one as well called Live at The D.S.S.

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