Cheshire Folk gigs 2011

Cheshire Folk gigs 2011
Cheshire Folk" are a group of professional festival and event organizers, singers and musicians who are keen to promote and support 'Live, quality music and musicians across Cheshire and beyond'

For this brand new venture in 2011, "Cheshire Folk" promoters have some really exciting gigs and venues lined up amongst the Cheshire countryside, canals and towns.....AmandaLynne Music is delighted to be part of this venture. Please join us ! 2011 gigs have already featured Fairport Convention, Rick Sanders Group, Zinney, Pierre Bensusan, Nigel Beck, Pete Shirley, and JONI.

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Folk music on the beautiful Cheshire Sandstone Trail
At Bickerton Village Hall, Long Lane, Bickerton, SY14 8AU.
info Liz 01606 834969 or Lynne mobile 077 900 82523

Tickets purchase below takes you to Lynne Barnes's account

The hall has sound and stage lighting, and will have refreshments plus a stall or two for added interest ! Please check if we have a bar or a bring your own beer night.The view from the hall is beautiful and there is space for 20 caravans or campervans. Tents will have to go further afield to the Bickerton Poacher or the Olive Grove under 2 miles distance.

Sept 17 MIRIAM BACKHOUSE from South Africa £8
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Caravans and Campervans £5

Mim's roots go back to the UK Folk Scene of the '70s when she was likened to Joan Baez, and ranked alongside Maddy Prior and other revivalists of the time.
Then, she played a significant role in the folk revival, appearing at most of the Folk Clubs and Festivals of the time, including Edinburgh and Cambridge, with acclaim from all the leading critics of the day. Miriam's interpretation of traditional and modern folk songs are unique, and her ability to lead a Folk audience into chorus singing, particularly, 'Keys of Canterbury' at Cambridge Folk Festival 1976, is the stuff of legends.

Oct 29 FIL CAMPBELL Irish songbird  - £9.

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Caravans and Campervans £5

These are the songs that come to every Irish music lovers lips at the pluck of a harp or the sight of a pint of Guinness.
There could be no better songbird than Fil Campbell to lovingly recreate the songs and life stories of our Irish forebears with this live performance.
Fil Campbell is an Irish singer who mixes traditional and contemporary Irish songs with some of her own compositions. She has recorded 5 CDs to date: 3 recordings of original and contemporary material, followed by 2 charming CD collections of popular Irish folk songs from the 30s and 40s. These recordings were the focus of a TV documentary series in Ireland in 2006 called Songbirds which profiled the lives and music of women singers from the early 20th century.

Info Liz 01606 834969 or Lynne mobile 077 900 82523

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